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Privacy Statement Your Car Adviser & Uw Auto Adviseur

Privacy Statement, June 2018


Responsible entity

This is the Privacy Statement of Your Car Adviser and Uw Auto Adviseur. Your Car Adviser, Uw Auto Adviseur and all of its affiliates as your car company and / or provider of independent (financial) mobility products or services as indicated in the Chamber of Commerce, situated at Schinkeldijkje 10 unit 26 in Aalsmeer and registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce number 66697697, hereinafter referred to as: Your Auto Adviser.

Why does Your Car Adviser use your personal data?

Your Auto Adviser wants to become the most sincerely valued and recommended mobility adviser in the Netherlands. This means that we take into account what our clients, prospects and customers are doing in relation to the value of our company. In order to be able to respond properly to your wishes, we use personal data.

Naturally, this is only possible when we treat personal data of consumers and other (business) relationships with the utmost care and within the framework of privacy laws and regulations. Personal data has a direct or indirect relation to tell something about a person.

Which personal data is registered by Your Car Adviser?

Your Auto Advisor can ask for your details on the website, physical stores (showroom) and garages. It is entirely voluntary to provide your personal data, but for our services necessary to use your personal data. If we ask for your personal data, we will state the purpose for which we will use the data. Your personal data will then be used to provide the right service to you.

While purchasing our services, we can record your contact details, financial data, specifications of the car including the license plate and certain details of your identity card. When purchasing financial services, in most cases we are obliged to conduct a financial review.

How long does your Auto Advisor store your data?

Your Auto Advisor does not store your personal data for longer than is strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which your data is collected. This means that we keep your data as long as you are a customer, have taken a service from us or continue to show interest in our services and of course when we are legally obliged to do so.

To whom does Your Car Adviser share your personal data?

Your Auto Advisor will only provide your personal data to third parties when you are fully aware of the fact. For the provision of the personal data we have agreements with third parties to ensure that your personal data are treated confidentially. For example, the manufacturer of your car or the importer appointed by it in the Netherlands or in the EU, the leasing company (of your employer), its sales organizations, brokers and / or providers of insurance and financing products in the context of product information, ( direct) marketing activities, conducting satisfaction and / or market research, supervising recall campaigns, support and maintenance purposes and other (service) services.

How does Your Car Adviser secure your personal data?

Your Auto Advisor has taken appropriate security measures to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized modification or any form of unlawful processing as much as possible. We have taken both technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data. These security measures are periodically reviewed.

View, change or delete your data?

If you want to view the data collected by your Auto Adviser or in case you have questions within the framework of the privacy legislation and regulations, you can contact