Working method

Transparant & honest

  • The two options below will be presented to you based on your personal preferences.

  • You will only be provided the bill upon your approval of  the advised car. No surprises.

1. We are your Used Car provider

Contact us via Email, Whatsapp, Telephone or you can pay us a visit.

Tell us what kind of car you're looking for. When in doubt, together we will find your perfect car.

All car details will be discussed with you. Prices, pro's and cons will be made clear.

Tell us your car preferences.

We will make an appointment to visit a quality car garage for a proper car inspection. Possible malfunctions will come to light right away.

Additional car costs and accessories will be discussed.

When the car quality and price are to your liking, we will deliver the car to your doorstep. An alternate delivery address is possible.

2. We negotiate in the purchase of your New or Used car

Similar to option 1. However Your Car Adviser will be the negotiator instead of the provider.

We will provide you with offers from known quality brand- and brand independent dealerships.

You get 1-on-1 offers from the dealerships. You also receive the provided car trade-in prices.

Test drive your preferred car at your dealership. We can also bring your preferred car for a test drive to a location of your choosing.

Your preferred used car will be inspected on a car lift, free of charge.

Your Car Adviser saves you heaps of time. We: Maintain contact with the supplier, take care of administrative tasks and car delivery.

Our payment consists of 2% from car sales value (roadworthy) with a minimum of € 399 incl. VAT.