How does it work?

For new and used cars

The first step is to map out the wishes and possibilities of the relationship. Then we will calculate the costs for owning the car for private and/or business purposes (Cost of Ownership). Your Car Adviser will provide the desired car at your doorstep for a test drive or at one of the cooperating garages to check the car visually and technically.

If the car is approved by you, the checking mechanic and the advisor, preparation will be discussed with the supplier (provided a warranty car with preparation).

Before delivery, the car is visually inspected in accordance with the order confirmation.

What now?

These are the following steps

  • Going through the good points about the car and the possible defects that we have found.
  • Coordination and advice of these with the possibilities in the market.
  • Communicating the possible suitable cars with their advantages and disadvantages and additional information if available. (Often via Whatsapp) A group app is useful for several people.
  • Draw up a purchase contract, by the supplier in accordance with the points discussed (subject to supplier agreement).