Full support when importing your new car

• Providing the most favorable bpm value based on the information provided
and photos of the car to be imported.
• Preparing the bpm form for registering the rest of the bpm value.
• Taking care of a removal procedure car (in consultation). If necessary to check the car for admission in the Netherlands at one of the selected garages.
• Taking care of the license plates.
• The insured parking of the car in the showroom until the registration certificate and plates are received.


If possible, register digitally
for importation to the RDW.

If necessary, making the appointment
for the inspection of the car at the RDW.

Or, if necessary, taking care of bringing and collecting the desired car from the showroom of your Auto Adviser to the RDW inspection station in Amsterdam and back.

Your advantages

100% merkonafhankelijk

Personal service on location

Continuous feedback on the status of your new car

Complete unburdening by taking care of all aspects of transport, insurance, BPM, valuation and inspection

Trade-in possible

Full roadworthy price without surprises afterwards