Welcome to Your Car Adviser.

Finding a car or selling a car can take a long time and usually has risks.

There can be technical issues that are important but also the history of the car, the maintenance coast, insurance, taxes and much more.

It’s my job to service you either if you are living abroad or live in Holland. Helping you in all the steps that come along with either buying or selling your car.

Our motto is simpel: You only pay if you are happy and we have a deal!

Finding your car


We are he to help!

Mail us if you know what you want or use the car configurator.

Don’t know what your car will be?

Call, mail WhatsApp us so we can find together your car.

The right one


Yes or no.

We will search until we find the right car that you realy want!

Quality check


A complete check

Is he really good?

Checking the car optical and technical.

Sending the report of the car to have a go or no go.

Delivery of your car


Turn key service

Everything will be arranged from in the personal delivery:

registration, finance, garantee and the insurance.

Just enjoy your car!

Why clients love us

Here are a few examples of what our clients would like to share with you.

Martinus Gessel

More than only a car Adviser!

My experiences with Simon are super! For more than 15 years we are customers of Simon. Simon is not only a Car Adviser but also became a good friend.The search for a car must have been one of the toughest ones, but Simon did not give up and took the challange in full (even when I thougt to give it up). Within 2 to 3 weeks we found the right car, after a lot of hours of market search. Although it became a car without Xenon lights, it simply isn’t worth it to pay € 2000 more for that. We found one in Limburg.It lookedas though I could get the car quick. I was glad to have someone like Simon next to me  due to my 60 tot 70 working hours per week. He arranged everything from the testdrive up to the sale. It just took 1 day to pick the car up. But theres more! Simon also arranged the sell of my old car!! Simon is a feal pro and always thinks in a personal way with you.
I could not imagine a better car sale man.

See you in 3 years, or maby in 2 :d.


Martinus Gessel - Accountant
Nicholas Baker

How hard can it be?

At 3 car company’s, even Bovag qualified, I got a feeling of being cheated.

Simon took away all my sorows and stress and delivered me a new car!

It had to be like this. Simon thanks for all!

Nicholas Baker - IT Specialist
IWKA Kung Fu Amstelveen

A very qualified Car Adviser who knows his business very good and who dos it with passion.

Your Car Adviser (Mister Simon Kopinsky) I got to know as a very understanding and sympathetic man. he guided me from A to Z in the purchase of my new car. With a lot of patience, passion en most off all in understandable language he knew to explain to me the questions concerning the complex technical aspects of cars.Your Car Adviser takes the time to really go in depth in the wishes and needs of the customer and delivers a no strings attached solution. You can describe the ambience and understanding as nice and unconstrained. Due to the advice of mr. Kopinsky I could make with absolute conviction the right choice. I really can recomand Your Car Adviser. You can also go to him for car finances.

IWKA Kung Fu Amstelveen - Kung Fu School
Anna and Menno Steen

Anna Steen: Absolutely recommended!

Simon Kopinsky is a very driven, empathetically, very professional and friendly man, who I trust with eyes closed on his word and opinion! He arranges everything until the smales detailes. He thinks with you and is has high solution skills. With problems he immediately jumps in. Almost 24/7 on your side. Also always available after the purchase of the car for the aftersales. I’m intens happy he started with this. We hope to use his service for many years to come!

Menno steen: Buying a car without the waiting at dealers. 

We have all had the experience the problem that in most cases, just when you took the day off, to have a look for a new car that there is no car salesman available. So you have to wait. Wachten dus. We found the solution. www.yourcaradviser.com . This adviser is to here to unburden. The conversations to inform oneself and to negotiate at the dealer, a clear presentation with several options, car insurance, testdrives from home, trade inn, possible car finance and ordering. Everything he takes on his account. Eventualy you go together with YourCar Adviser (Simon Kopinsky) to the dealer for the delivery of the new car en the trade in of the old car. Theres also a nice service after the delivery. Simon Kopinsky has a personal touch and good listening ear for the customer that he highly respects. YourCarAdviser is highly recommended. For as well private or company use car drivers.


Anna and Menno Steen - Back office manager and Helicopter pilot
Damiet Brink

Very pleasant experience!

I have been very good helped with the search of a new, secondhand car. I was given the option to give all my wishes and the search was focused on those wishes. I got really soon different options and if it wasent of my like the search continued immediately. The was a very good counselling and I really had the idea that I was listened to and that I could say anything. even after I wasn’t satisfied after several attempts, nothing was to much and the search continued until I really was a 100% satisfied. Good and quick contact through mail, WhatsApp and telephone. Simon really did everything from picking up cars from different city’s up to the car register at the post office. I even got flowers for the delivery of my new car. So a definitive recommendation. I’m really happy with my new car!

Damiet Brink
Guus Maas

A real open harted approach with very good results.

It has been a pleasure for my wife Cobie and myself Guss Maas, to have been blessed with the friendship with the purchase of our new car’s. The way the car’s are been taken through and delivered has been one of the reasons that I have been driving about 53 years the same brand Ford. I am up to this day very grateful that we have met mr. Simon Kopinsky. I’m the owner of a Ford B-max sinds 7 juni 2016.

Guus Maas - Pension

Our Service Includes

  •  History check
  •  Optical inspection
  •  Technical inspection
  •  Maintenance check
  •  Possible future costs
  • Reasonable market price

One Stop Shopping

  • Car insurance check and offer
  • Car Finance
  • Private Lease
  • Financial Lease
  • Operational Lease
  • Car Guarantee
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Are you looking for a car?

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Do you want to sell your car?

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